Thursday, March 1, 2012

Please leave a message

It was time to change my voicemail.
I repeatedly have people who feel offended if I am not able to answer the phone when they call me.
Believe me, I would,
but with a busy life, it's nearly impossible to take every call that comes through to my phone.
I have nine little peeps who also use my phone.
Between their friends, my friends, school, work, sports and church, my phone gets used.

So I changed my greeting.
My main point, "Please don't take it personally when I am unable to answer."
Most people don't leave a message either,
So I have no idea that anything was needed.

Sydney and Dan laughed at me and I had to re-record a few times until it sounded acceptable.

In the past, I might have been concerned that people feel frustrated with me.
But the new "I don't feel angry program" helps me accept responsibility for the things that are within my circle of influence, and ignore the things that are not within my influence.
If I do not know someone needs something, I cannot help.
And I feel really okay with people owning their frustrations.
Life is just to short to waste feeling upset or angry.

Well, it's Thursday.
Corbin says he is sick.
It's possible.
And today, the 6th grader was flustered and a little late.
His favorite cousin was also late and walked out from her driveway teary-eyed.
I told Caleb to go catch her and walk in together.
I love that they are such good friends.

Sydney and I did a great work out this morning.
36 minutes of cardio with some strength training in between intervals.
I know it's not much yet,
but we are building.

I am so so glad that someone comes home today!
I did my best.

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