Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Letters To Wednesday

Dear Wednesday,

I love writing to you when I feel happy. Why are people so up and down all the time? Oh right, maybe its just women....or maybe it's just me?? Well, either way, I usually wake up pretty excited. My real problem is that I get tired at night. What will I do when I have teenagers that want to stay up past 8:30pm?

I made amends with Tuesday yesterday. I even cooked dinner with meat and side dishes. (Over the phone, Dan talked me through bar-b-queuing steak.) It was still a busy day, but I felt pretty good about it. I didn't realize it was voting day so I called a friend to get the skinny. We ended up in a political discussion, and by the end, it was determined that I needed to go vote. My vote would cancel out her vote. Hahaha.....we laughed about that.

I am actually naturally drawn to politics. Just before bed last night, I texted Dan to tell him I feel like I would like to go to Law School. He said I would be good at it. I told him it was a pipe dream :) That does sound like fun though. I think that means that my mid-life crisis is back on again! (It had been temporarily suspended twice with the arrivals of Maryn and Ainsley.)

Sydney is home today. It's been fun to have her here the past 2 days. I am not sure what's on the schedule except she veto-ed the 'steak for breakfast' plan. Later we will babysit Uncle Keith. I watched him briefly yesterday too. (That is where we got the idea about steak.) I asked him if he wanted steak or salmon for dinner. He smiled really big. But then I didn't know which one he wanted so I had to guess. I might have guessed wrong because he didn't eat much. The kids questioned whether feeding steak to a guy with dentures is a great idea? Well, tonight is salmon night.

Wrestling season is winding down and Dan's head has already left the mat and moved onto football. I told him not to be distracting to our sons. They have some key tournaments yet remaining. And then.....we will move on to full contact hitting again. The girls and Corbin are loving soccer. The weather is absolutely amazing right now. Sitting on the sidelines is such a peaceful time. We are back into Pat's Run training too. I love spring!! So much fun stuff to do outside. It's pretty hard to want to stay indoors.

Oh Wednesday, guess what? Dan and I finally came to a great understanding. An issue arose. Dan explained yet again about the 'Hierarchy of Command.' For some reason we keep having this conversation. Today we had a meeting of the minds. I said something like, "This discussion will get easier when you realize I AM the top of the hierarchy, and I SEND directives down the chain of command." Dan laughed. Of course I am.

Well, Wednesday, I am pretty happy about you today. If I work really hard, I still have a shot at impressing Dan when he gets home. My other alternative is 'barely surviving' in which case he feels guilty and I get sympathy attention. All attention is good attention, eh?

Today is your day, Wednesday. I hope I still like you at 8:30pm tonight.

Exuberantly yours,

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