Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This morning I woke up at 4am with a need to clean.
Sooooo I got Dan up.
He started matching up the socks,
and I made some checklists.
(The church has checklists for cleaning. The kids liked it.)

It was a start.
We didn't finish our cleaning,
But we went to the gym.
I've been missing that place.

When we got home,
Dan made eggs and I poured the juice.
It was pea green.

Why is the orange juice green?

Why is there a quart jar on the counter set up resembling a science experiment filled with water and sprinkles?


Yesterday Dan got into trouble.
He was on duty for receiving the kids after school.
(They play him like a pawn.)
I think I finally put an end to that practice.

When one of the kids asked if she could play at a friends house across town on a week day, the answer was, "No."
(Dan had called to ask me.)

When I got home, I found that friend and our kid at the park across the street.
They simply reversed the situation and convinced both unsuspecting parents that "No" for playing at the friends house means "Yes" to the friend playing here.

In clear language I told Dan not to make any more decisions regarding the children.
He agreed.

The friend was invited in to help the child do her chores.
They stuffed everything out of sight and went back out to play.

I went back into the room and emptied the baskets, cleared under the bed and scooped out the closet until there was quite a pile in the middle of the room.

I really mean it guys.
Without being angry, I was clear to the kids.....and the friend.
It's a bummer when our consequences are on the negative side of life.

This morning, the kids were more than willing to do their chores without complaining before they left for school.
I never got angry or felt like yelling at any of them.
How cool is that?

The parenting teacher told us that kids want boundaries and that they need freedom.
I think it's true.

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Natalie said...

love it! i totally agree with those consequences, but it takes guts to follow thru. thx for the example. maybe next time i won't think twice before doing that myself!