Sunday, September 11, 2011


Some of my favorite moments aren't really moments at all.
Some last all day.

I thought I would mind football road trips,
but yesterday was really fun.
It was 100 degrees outside.
We spent 6 hours in the heat watching the boys score and get scored on.
I loved. loved. loved. it.

Ainsley did pretty well.
She cat-napped
on a soft blanket,
on top of a pillow,
in a bin,
in the bleachers,
under the shade.

She was a trooper.

We left the game and dropped by Dan's station on the way home.
Everyone was still talking about the fire they had been on the night before.

It's a little unnerving to see pictures like this,

with the next day being 9-11.

That was the day 10 years ago that began a life-changing experience for us.

Who joins the fire department after that tragedy?

And because I remember numbers,

343 runs through my mind often,

and then I stop to remember,

and I try to forget.

So tonight at dinner when Dan was telling the kids about that day,

and how the firefighters did exactly what they had been trained to do,

I left the room.

Because it's a little too hard to think about.

Sometimes we do everything right,

and the outcome is still devastatingly sad.

That's when I am reminded that there is a God.

He loves us.

We can't remember him,

but He is there.

And all the good things we do are still good,

no matter how the story ends.

I would rather not remember something that forever changed our family, least not today.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Back in the gym this week.
I got bumped back down to the little weights again.

Monday before Ainsley was born we were at the gym deciding what kind of work out for the day.
Dan suggested bench.
It wasn't uncommon.
(Of course every really pregnant girl thinks about bench pressing on the week of delivery.)
"Okay," I said.

Dan loaded the bar.
I benched my max that day.
95 lbs.
It's not a lot,
but my goal is to bench at least as much as Justin Bieber.
He benches 120.

We took the last pregnancy a little different.
I know it was my ninth.
And I know there are rules,
but we decided the rules are really more "guidelines,"
you know,
for people who need to be cautious.
I felt pretty good.
So I rode all the rides at Disneyland,
and did abdominal workouts right to the very end.
It was painful,
but good.

it's 9:30am and if I wait much longer,
we will miss our nap today.
Little Ainsley loves her nights.

And because I didn't say it,
because I was feeling cranky,
because I am a little stubborn with my gratitude,
I want Dan to know that I really appreciate him in the middle of the dark, sleepless nights.
And for all the time he stands at the dryer folding clothes.
Or all the meals he makes for me.
(Sometimes when it's not to my exact craving, he makes me something else too).
And for all the paperwork he reviews.
And all the lenders he speaks with.
And every now and then, he deals with difficult clients when I need a break.
Mostly, it's because he loves me.
And lots of times,
I don't even deserve it.

You are still amazing in every way.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Random pics from the mac

We have a new kindergartner this year.
He thinks it's a little boring compared to preschool.
His sisters are very interested in him being successful.
If we had not intervened,
they would still be getting him dressed every morning,
putting on his socks and shoes,
combing his hair,
brushing his teeth,
and doing his homework.
The teacher was probably really impressed with his work those first few weeks.
Presley took extra care in coloring the most amazing pictures on Corbin's homework sheets.
The handwriting was impeccable.

I love my girls,
and they love their brother.

Corbin has since been doing homework with Grandma.
She has a sticker chart,
and a treasure box.
Homework isn't such a drag anymore.

And the following are pictures I found on the computer.
No idea what they were doing.

I love them.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


This was where Maryn watched shark week.
(That's my favorite horse blanket that I have had since I was 8.
It used to be my favorite cat's favorite blanket too.)

This was us on a little hike in San Diego.

I love him.
He seems to love me too,
no matter how fat I get.

This is Cade leaning on my dashboard.
It was super hot that night.
I ran my van out of gas on the freeway because I didn't feel like stopping.
And then the battery died.
I felt dumb.
We got crushed ice from Circle K after being rescued.
I try not to run out of gas anymore.

This is how I serve dinner,
except I learned the other night that maybe it's not a good idea to do it like this because it's not right to force kids to eat things they don't like.
Supposedly, we should offer a few different side dishes and hope they choose something.
Sounds very democratic.

And that's it for today.
Little Precious just fell asleep.
That doesn't give me much time to scrub the toilets and send off a few contracts.

Today is my first official day back.
We did the yard work and washed the cars.

Thanks - to my sweet boys who get up willingly on Thursdays to mow the lawns for grandma and me.
They don't even complain.
That means the world to me.

Oh....and I thought I was doing pretty well this morning.
I wasn't really ready for the day,
but everyone else was dressed with hair combed.
We took a walk with the littles to school.
It wasn't until the way home that I remembered I had forgotten to put a diaper on Maryn.
I almost remembered all the important stuff this morning :)