Wednesday, August 31, 2011


For my friends who encourage me to write,
this one is for you.

And hopefully,
I can come back into the blogging world.

I took that picture of my clean counter top on March 29th.
I think my last post was March 27th.
I needed a little time to put some things in order,
and I really missed my journal.

In the last months,
that counter
(which had been a gathering place of uselessness)
has managed to remain clean.
My journal filled up,
and I started a new one.
I feel like my conscience is cleared and I can spend some time here again.

It has not been easy to be transparent in cyberspace.
By nature,
I am a fairly private person,
except in really comfortable settings.
And for some reason, at the time I stopped posting,
I needed to find my focus again.

I cannot really catch up on the last few months,
and catching up is completely exhausting anyway.
So I will give a brief re-cap,
and then we can move on.

I love this picture of my sweet little girls.

And this is Cade's "scared face."
We took our 4th trip to our favorite place in the middle of nowhere.

This picture was taken at the Mark Twain Cave on our way to Nauvoo, Il with our daughters Reagan and Presley.

Dan and I look old this time :(

And the base of the "Lighthouse" hike, except it was hot,and I didn't feel like hiking.

And a picture of our sweet daughters at the Pioneer Memorial in one of my favorite places.

A cute picture of Reagan and her dipped candle.

In April, our family ran in the Pat's Run.
I was 20 weeks pregnant, and the run was 4.2 miles.
Presley was a little rock star and ran beside me the entire way.

On with my recap:

So we finished spring soccer,
and spring football,
and spring softball.
The school year ended as well.

The summer was full of camps, conferences and swim team.
I could write entire posts about how amazing it was to see our kids train and compete.
Our summer was filled with fitness and motivation in preparation for our new little angel.

We took one last trip to the beach over the 4th of July.
It wasn't my most comfortable year there,
and I was oh-so-happy to be home in my bed,
(which I never really slept in much all summer).

School started back up again.

And then 3 weeks later,
sweet Ainsley came into the world.
She has truly been a blessing.
New babies bring an overwhelming spirit of peace.

Back in March,
I was feeling that it was time to set our house in order.
For many months,
Dan and I sorted through closets,
and bins,
and drawers.
We've been through the filing,
the garage,
and the shed.
Many, many items have made their way out from the depths of our home,
and right into a donation pile or trash can.
5 years of survival ended cleanly on August 12th.

I needed time to work through my thoughts and re-discover my ambitions.
Being the mother of 9 requires a certain degree of organization.
It's easy to get caught up in the tasks and forget which direction I am heading.
The reality is that we have a great responsibility in all we do here.

Our children depend on us.
The important, non-urgent, urgent, unimportant activities all need place in our lives.

A business must thrive, and work needs completed.
We cannot lose ourselves in the busy-ness that every day brings.

Here is what is on my mind most this morning:

My favorite moment this summer, the moment I go back to in my mind whenever I need a safe place;
It was early morning, 2 miles from the Mississippi.
The girls were tucked safely in an old Victorian bed on the second floor of a quaint little house that serves as a comfortable bed and breakfast.

The sky was threatening to rain on the green, country landscape.
Dan and I headed out to run with our usual conversation about how unique it is that grass grows spontaneously in certain parts of the country.
And just as we left,
the drops started coming down.

I was wearing my most comfortable red maternity shirt and my favorite running shoes.
Dan was wearing his black Pat's Run shirt,
(of which we have 7 floating around our laundryroom at any given time.
All of which are worn with pride.)

We ran down the tree-lined street until we were nearly soaked,
and then we headed back.
It was so beautiful outside that we had to rest for a minute and take it all in.

The moment I remember most is how I felt sitting on that old Victorian porch
in my favorite sleepy town in the middle of nowhere.
Dan and I talked about everything and nothing,
and I felt safe.
Nothing in the world could destroy my peace in those precious moments with him.

And that is the place my mind wanders off to,
and the moments I never want to forget.

This blog is the place I remember everything good in my world.

Right now,
there is too much to name.
9 little people amaze me every day.
1 man continues to steal every waking thought.....and most of my dream time.

I am blessed beyond measure.