Friday, March 25, 2011

A little time away

This week is flying by.
Our final days of Spring Break are nearly over.

I wanted to write a few things down before I forget them.
Corbin has been spunky lately.
Today, he walked around in frustration,
calling people "Muggles."
And his dinner prayers are sounding less and less like "Dear Heavenly Father" and more and more like "Dear Harry Potter" again.

I tried to correct him without drawing too much attention.

Maryn has been talking so much more.
She says random things like,
"Where did Daddy go?"
"I want some more."
We think she is very smart.

If you ask her if she wants to go 'night, night',
she walks over to her crib and reaches in to softly touch her blanket with one hand,
while she sucks her thumb on the other hand.

Cade tells me lots of things,
mostly about monster trucks.
He certainly came out "all boy."

I was cranky.
There has been a headache coming for days.
Either that,
or it's just my personality.

Two weeks ago,
Dan and I went to the temple.
We had some things on our minds.
I walked away with nothing,
and Dan came out saying,
"Let's go to Disneyland."

No way.

he insisted,
and on Tuesday night about 1:45am,
we headed out.
We pulled into the parking lot 6 hours later,
had some breakfast,
and were on Main Street by 9am.

It was supposed to be raining all that day,
and Disneyland wasn't very crowded.
We walked right on to Pirates of the Caribbean.
5 minutes into that ride,
with 4 of 8 crying,
and the others holding on with white knuckles,
Dan and I laughed and re-considered our first ride being the scariest.
We left that ride,
and walked on to Indiana Jones.
That was fun too.
And from there,
we spent the day on rides with little waiting.
The kids all had backpacks of snacks,
and we brought in a good lunch.
I FastPassed for the olders with Cade and Maryn staying near me and the food.
Corbin was tall enough for almost every ride.
He is one of the fearful ones,
but due to the fact that he was born into a family that lost it's filters a few kids ago,
he did great.
By 5pm ish,
it was pouring.
I was prepared with ponchos,
but it was still pretty cold.
The good thing
when it rains at Disneyland, is
the young, the old and the weak disappear.
That is so much better for lines,
because Disneyland is not for wimps.
It took some serious endurance for that 11 hour day.

We had not been to Disneyland since Presley was a baby.
It was time,
and I am so glad Dan pushed for it.
It was worth it.

I love seeing the children have fun together.
They were kind and careful with each other.
Disneyland isn't the kind of public place I am comfortable in,
but we didn't have any trouble.
Maryn got tired twice
and fell asleep
(once in the rain).
Cade was a walking zombie by the end of the night.
Dan will always remember standing in the freezing rain with Cade.
He was pointing to Dumbo,
and wanting to go one more time.
They were soaked clear through,
and so so tired,
but loving every minute.

We caught every ride we wanted,
which was pretty much every ride,
and ended the night where we began.....
back on Pirates of the Caribbean.
Dan finished on Indiana Jones with the five olders.

We stopped by the restroom on the way out,
and changed some clothes,
and brushed some teeth,
and then drove 10 hours home.

It was back-to-back all nighters....16 hours in the car for 11 unforgettable hours.

Of course we will do it again someday,
probably when Maryn is about Presley's age now.

If I can figure out how to post some pics,
I will.
The kids were really cute there.

I have a million more things I want to say about the trip,
but it's pretty late.
Colin is currently writing a report about an endangered species for his Environmental Science Merit Badge clinic tomorrow.
We got lucky,
and one game is cancelled,
leaving us with only 4.
Dan took some trade time to be around for the boys first football games.
It's also his Grandma's birthday.
I told him he should go because we never know how much longer she will be here.

This night still has some hours left in it to be prepared for tomorrow.
There are some Saturdays that are just seriously packed.

And the kids are concerned about their Grammie,
who isn't feeling well.
(I love that Dan is a medic,
because he translates for us, and so we know it's not a little thing.)
Grammie will be back up and around very soon.

And to my children....
I promise,
it's not my personality.
I can drop "The Tone."
There is no place for it here.
I love you guys.
Good night.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The day before

3 practices and a game were rained out last evening.
It was really weird to be home all night,
and totally unproductive.
Today we go out :)

Had a few things on my mind.
Time to consider upcoming school years and semesters.

I have 2 right hand men close by,
because today will be busy,
and I really appreciate their help.
Thanks guys.

Monday, March 21, 2011


It's rainy day weather today.
I love that.

Our pioneer girl made it home from her Trek.
It was a really great experience.

In preparation,
she packed a 6 gallon bucket of a few essentials:
metal plate for eating,
tin cup for drinking,
extra socks and underwear,
moleskin for blisters,
2 plastic bags,
sunscreen and bugspray,
and a small blanket.

She could wear a skirt and shirt,
but not bring any extra clothing for 3 days.

She came home a little sunburned,
and sore and tired.

The first day they hiked 14 miles.
The second day, 9.
They slept out on a tarp in the middle of the desert.
The kids alternated pushing a handcart with their things the entire distance.

It was pretty hot last week, about 90 degrees.
She came home with her tin cup tied around her neck.
Her shirt was sweaty, worn and dusty.
Her skirt was frayed,
and her brand new shoes are well worn in.
She now has a bonnet and apron that represent something meaningful to her.

Their focus on the Trek was physical and mental endurance,
and spiritual growth.
It was very touching for her.

I felt very near tears all day yesterday to know she was blessed with an opportunity to catch a small glimpse into the experiences of our pioneer ancestors.
We really had family who made that trip west,
and buried their loved ones along the way.
What kind of conviction does it take to risk it all on a 1000 mile journey to the middle of nowhere?
And how ungrateful would I be not to appreciate what they gave up?

Here's what I tell myself,
and sometimes my kids:
My pioneer ancestors didn't make the sacrifices they did so I can be casual in my commitments.

And so I was again reminded yesterday that I should continually look at myself and evaluate what progress I am making.
Am I doing all that's asked of me?
Can I give a little more?

we begin the Book of Mormon again.
We finished it with Sydney, Colin, Caleb and Reagan.
We will read it this time for Presley.
In just over a year,
she will have the choice to be baptized.
It's going to be an exciting year for her.

It's amazing how fast the time is flying now.
I blink,
and I feel like I missed something.
No more blinking.

I know someday we will miss this.
Maryn is so fun for all of us.
I wonder what she will be like as she grows.
She has so many people who love her.
And the other day,
Caleb was telling Corbin all about football,
and planning out how he and Colin will teach him when he is a little guy,
so he can be really great.
And Cade is honestly so funny right now.
He has so much spunk.
Presley has her first 2 wiggly teeth.
Reagan plays her first softball game tonight.
Sydney and Colin made perfect cookies last night from scratch,
likes its really normal at their age.
And they worked so nicely together,
that it touched my heart.

I have been a little cranky recently.
I apologize.
Sometimes, I feel caught up in trying to catch up.
I forget to stop and enjoy every minute I am here with my family.

So this week should be about speaking kindly,
so they really know how much they mean to me.
Not much else really matters.

Happy Monday.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break


Tuesday, March 15, 2011


When the first day Dan goes back falls on a Sunday,
I am always sad.

For years,
He woke up next to me every morning.
I spent at least a little time with him before he left.
At the end of his days,
he would come home again.
He worked 4 tens,
and every weekend was a 3 day weekend.
Some were even 4 day breaks if there was a holiday.
He took his usual vacation time,
without needing to find someone to cover for him.
Sometimes he worked a few hours on Christmas Eve,
but he was here for every holiday,
every birthday,
every Sunday.
I didn't realize how much I would miss those moments.

The other night,
he was holding my hand and checking my pulse without thinking as he usually does.
Someone was telling us about a guy who got transported after he collapsed.
I looked at Dan and realized that what he does with the fire department is what he loves.
I have to find a way for the next 15 years to love it like he does,
So that sometimes,
when my sadness turns to anxiety,
(and anxiety raises my badness level)
I won't wish we had some other kind of life....
the one I miss.

Today we begin again.

I want to start by telling Sydney how proud I am of her.
She has been doing math constantly for the last several days,
(except Sunday when she worked on her Trek preparation).
By last night,
she was really getting the hang of it.
She wants to complete her class before she leaves on Thursday.
It will require another couple of long days.
I sensed for a moment a little spark of excitement last night after she finished a few quizzes.
Math is something everyone can be good at.
It always yields an exact right answer.
That's why I love it.
And given the right effort,
it can really boost a person's confidence.
Our minds are meant to work.
Thank you not complaining.

Caleb - thank you for being excited about Spring Cleaning.
I have needed at least one of you to want to help.
It is very motivating for me to know I am not alone in my efforts here.
Thank you helping.

As for the rest of us,
we could probably give a little more.
We can speak more kindly,
and show more service.
What would our home be like if everyone was giving their best effort?

I hope the next few days are full of all the good things we need.

Monday, March 14, 2011


I've got nothing tonight.

If you want something meaningful,
I would suggest this:

It's just what I needed today.

Thanks Nancy.


It's the first day of Spring Break.
Caleb wants to do spring cleaning.
I hope everyone else will want to do that also.

We don't have any big plans.
It just feel good to have a little break from the busy routines.
We still have 8 practices this week,
but no games Saturday.

I am looking at a blank, empty page,
and wondering what we should do with our days the next few weeks.
Our hardest times occur when we don't have any plans.
To be honest,
this break really snuck up on me.
Wasn't it just Christmas??

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Last Sunday was Fast Sunday.
We always need something we are fasting about,
something that we might need extra help with,
or questions we've been searching.
Sometimes, when things feel good,
we simply fast for thanks.
Last week,
Dan suggested we fast for one of the kids.
I started the prayer.
By the end of it,
I had said something about each of our kids.
(It was a really long prayer...)

I was particularly worried about one of the girls.
As it turned out,
that child really needed a lot of extra attention this week.

At one point yesterday,
Dan came in and said, "She is really having a hard time listening."
Not 30 minutes later,
that same child happened to be hanging out in my bathroom while I was getting ready.
She asked,
"Do you ever feel like people don't like you?"
I replied, "Everyone feels like that. I felt that this week in fact."

That lead into a conversation that must have been especially intended just for me.
I forget sometimes, the easiest way for Satan to ruin us.
He turns us against ourselves with feelings of inadequacy.
We begin to feel self conscious.
We suspect that people don't like us.
We withdraw from the good things that help us,
and retreat to a desperate, lonely place.

It was interesting for my child to realize that adults feel the same way kids do.
I feel like I finally understand her a little more.

Dan fought pretty hard to get us out of the house last night.
It had been a long week dealing with other people's issues.
I allowed myself to be dragged into some adult drama,
and it ruined my time.

By the weeks end,
Dan and I stopped to consider how we are spending our energy.
I feel like we grow and develop best when we are serving.
Dan coaches teams or we help in the community.
We assist at church or in the schools.
Dan works in places where he actually makes a difference in people's lives.
Most of all, we are best when we are working with our children.

Working for money is such a drag.
Everyone has to do it.
I have to do it too.
I realized this week that I pay a price for the flexibility of my schedule.
I don't have to report to a work place with set hours,
but sometimes,
the hours drag on and on.
It doesn't end at 5pm like it should,
or I carry drama into my family situation.
It seriously bothers me to work in an industry so wrought with dishonesty.
Shouldn't buying and selling homes be a no-brainer?
But I have found so much selfishness and distrust.

The good part of it over the years:
I have met the nicest people too.

The work part of my life was the thing I was considering most this weekend.
It doesn't matter if we are good at something.
What matters is that what we do makes our lives better.
Dan loves his work.
I understand that I need to love what I do too.

So last night,
I deleted my email from my phone.
My "smart phone" is driving me crazy.
I picture myself putting it under the back tire of my van and backing over it.
And then backing over it again.

It was hard at first when I took Facebook off my phone,
but I feel better now.
I caught myself instinctively checking my email yesterday.
It's obviously a habit.

So my phone has gone back to be a means of communication,
and not the gadget that rules my life and my time.
(I do love the blue dot that takes me straight to the places I can't find in my car tho)

Today is Sunday,
and today we begin again.
I love that we have this day every week.
It's busy,
probably my hardest day,
but the most necessary part of my week.

A girl at church,
(that my son thinks looks like the dark haired Barbie),
shared an idea about a "Goal Journal."
So I am going to dig up some of those,
and hopefully begin a new habit here.
Life gets a little crazy,
and it's tough to remember what we are trying to remember everyday.
I really believe if we write things down,
it helps.
Every week should have a purpose.

To my sweets: melt our hearts.
We will keep you safe in your new journeyings.

Cade - I have a shelf full of treats for your potty-training.
It's kind of a big deal to have 7 kids properly trained.
It would really make me happy if you mastered this undertaking. are super cute.

Corbin - you have developed some funny sass.
When I ask him to do something he doesn't want to do, he says, "NEBBERRR!"
Where did you learn that?
Spring Break will be exhausting at your current level of playfulness.
I love your spunk.

Right now,
you are so easy.
Thank you for that.

Reagan -
You have a gift for athletics.
It will be the place where you are attacked the strongest.
Keep your body healthy,
because you are meant to be a great leader on your team.

Caleb - Do you still live here?
I never see much of you anymore.
Basketball is really fun.
It's okay if you play it all the time,
but I miss you sometimes though,
so please spend a little time with me.

Colin -
It's good to see you expand your friendships.
You have a funny sense of humor,
and Dad and I have recently observed that you have been keeping something from the world.
As someone recently said,
"Colin has a gear no one has ever seen before."
You are very fast.
It will be helpful when a 140lb linebacker comes after you.
Be quick, minion.
Your best advantage against a huge guy is that they are generally slower.

Sydney - my busy worker.
This will be a great week for you.
Thank you for being so diligent.
You are an amazing example to all of us here.
You know....not all teenagers are sassy and defiant.
Some are kind, just like you.
Thank you for being that.

And to my husband:
It's been almost 16 years of crapola.
I love you for every single one....really.
When you leave me like you did this morning,
it makes me ache for you.
It's also extremely frustrating for me to need you as much as I do.
You are as addicting as a drug, the thought that lingers always in the back of mind.
Can you even imagine what it's been like for me for all these years?
My mind is never empty.
You are always there.

I love you forever.

Friday, March 11, 2011


It's been a long week.
I wish I could say it was successful,
but it wasn't.

I have said some of the saddest prayers of my life this week.
Most were not about me.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Last nights first practice was freezing,
and I wimped out and waited in the car for football to finish.
I really wanted to watch the boys,
but the sicknesses are creeping back in.
Caleb and Sydney had been down all weekend.
I have a tickling in my throat.

My mom was super awesome and offered to keep the littles because the wind was so bad.
I really appreciated that last night.

When Colin and Caleb finally got in the van after practice,
it was late,
and they were starving.
I asked how it went.
They both said, "good."
Caleb got pulled out a little early because he was going down.
It was a long practice for his poor lungs.
He still thought it was fun.
Colin said,
"We got to hit stuff."
"Not people, just stuff. It was really good."

That made me happy.

Reagan was coming down ill last night,
and spent time on Dan's vacant side.
We were up most of the night.
She was really concerned about missing a field trip today,
but she was in no position to go.

I decided we would all sleep as long as we could,
and when the kids woke up,
they would go to school.

With 10 minutes to the bell ringing,
we were all completely sound asleep.
It was the quietest my house has been in a long time.

Reagan got up and insisted on going in.
No one else seemed to care that they weren't at school.

Since the sick kid went,
they all had too.

Thankfully, the Principle was on the field trip,
and she was watching out for Reagan.

At 1:33pm I got a call to come for her.
She was in pretty bad shape :(

She has spent the after/evening feeling miserable.
She cried about missing practices tonight.

I managed to get a run in today.
We haven't kept up on training since I got busy with work.
It felt crappy to try to run.
It's going to take some time to get the fire back for it.

Colin ran like a pro,
and Presley can definitely beat me in a foot race.

Sydney cried for most of the run.
We couldn't help but laugh a little.

Mind Over Matter - sweet thing,
Or 4.2 miles might just kill you :)

It's late.
The dishes aren't done.
The chores were neglected.
I am barely keeping my eyes open.

A note to Colin:
You are doing awesome.
Get your heiny to school on time....k?

Monday, March 7, 2011


Taking on the bullies today :)

4:49pm Post Edit:

It went well.
Turns out the world is a very small place,
and the bullies aren't interested in ruining their reputation.
We agreed that we practice business differently.
They assured me that they abide by the law.
I encouraged them to be careful.
"Helping people" lands some guys in prison.
They were young and tenacious,
but mostly respectful.

Our parting thoughts....."Remember, it's not always about money."
And now it's over.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


At my age,
I still find myself at times
being bullied.

Tonight at dinner time,
we talked about it.

The bully is the kid who harasses others on the playground,
Or the co-worker who berates.
For me, it was someone in my industry,
making attempts to discredit my efforts in business.
It was a selfish endeavor to gain favorable financial advantages in an unethical situation.

At first, I was hurt,
and then I was angry.
I spent some time talking about it with Dan and the kids.
We all agreed that we hate bullying,
and being honest is always the very best way to be.

In my early experience in real estate,
I enraged another agent who was attempting minor lending fraud because... "Everyone does it."
I guess I wasn't part of that elite crowd.
I believe people are better than that.

His final insult:
"You would make more money if you weren't so concerned about ethics."

...Nicest compliment I ever received.

And so I continue to work in real estate honestly.
In short sales,
there is a valid, proven hardship for sellers.
Buyers are expected pay market value.
Full disclosure is required.

If everyone cannot know what I am doing,
than it's not worth my time or's certainly not worth my integrity.

I am not interested in making a buck doing anything unlawful,
and principles of ethics are still a very high priority.

Amazingly, I have found great success during this difficult time in the economy.
Plenty of people need real help.

This week,
I was reminded again that I have a talent for reaching people on a personal level.
It's my favorite part of life.
And this week, I was also reminded that there are very selfish individuals in the world.
Some hide behind a guise of religion,
even my own faith.
I explained to the kids that there are self-serving groups everywhere.

Dan was very kind this week.
He repeats to me the same thing with every situation I handle:
"One of the best things about you is that you work for someone else as if it was your own home."
I take tbe work personally, and because of that,
I see positive results.....the best outcomes possible.
But because of that, I am usually emotionally spent by the end of a bad deal.

I made a great ally this week....a credit union (lending) negotiator,
and an important one in the valley.
I think we will always be friendly forever now,
and I was grateful he had my back this week.
He is the hardest, most un-trusting man I have ever dealt with on the other end of the line.
I appreciate that he was kind to me,
and we both valued the other's principles.
Every file I work in the future will have automatic trust.
That meant a lot to me this week.

So I did my best to overlook the very ugly part of my week and find what I am meant to learn.
To be bullied, reminded me what it feels like to be on the receiving end of subjugation.
I felt sincere compassion for a friend who finds herself in a truly depressive and oppressive situation.
The sad thing is, there are smiling Opportunists,
waiting to take advantage of a desperate situation.
I have no respect.

If only I had more time to take on my causes.
I would be more actively participating in leadership roles in this industry I am currently working.

Ahhh.....but I have a long list of causes,
and fighting "The Man" will have to wait.
There are 8, sweet, little reasons that I am bound to try to develop my talents here at home,
the things that don't come as naturally:
If only my negotiating skills were useful for cleaning toilets.....
But this busy week of working didn't interfere with our daily routine.
I still managed food, chores, homework and practice very well,
and that was on a week with 12 sports practices, 5 games, 2 play practices and 2 birthday parties.
The dishes were done every night,
and we ate all our meals.
(I admit that the clothes are piling again and the weeds are noticeably in need of attention).
I could add a long list of things that didn't get finished,
but that's a little depressing.

In the end.....
It's been an educational week?

In my hardest moment,
I found comfort surrounded by my kids,
reading a little scripture to help cleanse my mind and heart.

Backing down from bullies isn't in my cards.
The price for that is a loss in self respect.
I can't really afford that.

Pretending to be someone we are not is only destructive.

I hope the person I am trying to be is always the same person I am meant to be,
at least to the ones that matter most.

Friday, March 4, 2011


I was cranky yesterday,
and in the middle of it,
Dan stopped to talk to a guy who's hood was up.
I wouldn't have even noticed him.
The guy was out of gas
and patience.
He traded cars with his daughter,
who left him with fumes,
but unknowingly took his wallet.
He was livid.
I grabbed all the cash I had
which was $22 and handed it to him.
I told him not to be so upset with his daughter.
22 is a funny age.

I remembered my favorite memories of my dad.
By 25, he wasn't here anymore.
I would have given a lot yesterday,
even to see him angry with me about something stupid I had done.

And that little thing completely cured my bad mood.

I was happy again.....

Today was a really bad day.
I am thankful for moments like that which carry me through days like today.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I am beginning to feel the effects of a long week.
I could write one more day about all the stuff that happened to fill every minute of my time,
but that's boring.

All I can say today is:
"Unambition" is so much less disappointing,
and probably not worth it.

That's it for today.
If I try hard enough,
I will shake off this crankiness,
and move on to something productive.

In case that doesn't happen,
I would suggest everyone in this house do exactly what they are supposed to today.
And then we will go to bed,
and start over again tomorrow,
because sometimes,
that's a good thing too.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I noticed my wedding ring was missing.
I remember putting it on the nightstand Saturday.
I got concerned,
and looked everywhere.
Cade told me that he had taken it to Sydney's room.
I gave him my other ring,
hoping he would recreate his steps.
I turned away from watching him to search,
and he lost that ring too.
I decided to wait until I could gather all the children.
This morning,
I gathered everyone for scriptures,
and they were restless.
I finally got them settled enough to say a good prayer.
The children went out to look.
I went to my closet for my morning prayer.
After my prayer,
I walked straight to my jewelry box and searched it again.
That was not the place I was planning on looking.
The ring was the first thing I touched in a place in the box where I have never kept it.

So many times when something important was lost,
we have prayed,
and it was found.
when I have the wrong spirit with me,
when I feel angry or frustrated,
I search without success.

Why do I ever forget what it takes to make this work?
It's a little time on my knees,
being patient,
being kind,
and most of all...listening.

The ring was causing me stress.
I am truly grateful for a Father who loves me enough to take that stress away from me today.
I wonder what else He would do if I just asked for help.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday cont....

The day ended peacefully.

I was driving around in my van,
listening to the chatter of the children,
(which was occasionally yelling or general crankiness)
when the best feeling rushed through me.
I am so happy to be with them.
The car smelled bad,
and stuff kept falling out everywhere we stopped.
The children were not in a particularly great mood today.
The house isn't really so clean.
The laundry is piling up again.
Dinner was not especially appetizing.
I never combed my hair,
and did not squeeze in the run I was hoping for.
I miss Dan.

But today was good.

The children will go to be with love tucked all around them,
and that's what it's all about.

I also realized tonight that I we need to update some photos.
I had to dig to find pics of me with the older kids.

And also,
I should wear make-up,
every day.


I spent 5 hours Sunday night getting educated about Scouting merit badges.

I was the kind of girl that needed 132 credit hours to graduate college,
so I mapped it out my first year,
followed the plan,
and had exactly 132 credit hours when it was over.

Scouts looks like the same concept.
So, we are on it.

Dan and I went to bed later-ish that night,
after long conversations about good stuff and bad stuff.

First thing Monday morning,
Dan came in and said this,
"Oh. We have a meeting with the IRS at 9am this morning."
"It's an audit."
Seriously?? How long have you known?
"A few months. It wasn't good timing when I got the notice, so I thought I would spare you the worry."

I could have globbered him,
except I did the taxes that year,
so it was my fault.
I got ready and went down.

It wasn't as bad as I thought.
We will actually get more of a refund for that year,
and the agent looked over all the other years,
so we are good for awhile.

I left the IRS,
and drove straight to join in on a meeting with a court mediator in a custody dispute.

And from there,
I ran errands that included standing in line at the banks.

And then I went shoe shopping for cleats.
Expensive....and I don't love shopping.

That was followed up with a trip to the dentist.
I got to explain how my 3 year old steals all the dental floss to use in his weaponry construction, and that's the reason I don't floss.
It was the truth,
but the hygienist wasn't impressed.

And then I went to Motor Vehicles to have the emissions tested.

I called Dan on my way home.
We hadn't been in communication all day,
due to the fact that someone appropriated his phone during church on Sunday,
and we still had not located it.

When we finally spoke,
He said something like, "Wow....your day was a kick in the nuts."

Thanks babe.

He told me he worked and did some laundry for me as payment for the mean IRS thing.
He washed my sheets,
which was a huge bonus,
and I forgot completely about the audit.

We ended the evening at the eye glass place to replace Calebs 3rd broken pair.
And then shuffled back and forth from soccer to football practice until 8pm.

Football practice was the coolest ever.
2 strong hours of hard conditioning.
The boys walked away saying how fun it was.

And the night ended with me falling asleep,
and not even on my own pillows,
which was bad for Dan later,
because I apparently woke up confused and demanding my pillows.

This morning,
Maryn popped up at 5am,
She was saying, "Poo poo. Ewwwww."
She was wet and needed changed.
I think she is so smart.

That gave us an early start,
and the kids did the chores before heading out.
We are back to being able to eat together,
and spend time as family in the mornings.

Today is Tuesday.
Monday was bad.
I know it can get worse,
but I am kind of hoping for a break today.