Tuesday, November 10, 2009


November 8th, 2009

I will try to use the photos to tell of Maryn's arrival.

Sydney took this picture of me just as I headed out the door to go to the hospital.

I always knew in the back of my mind that Maryn would be born on Dan's birthday.
Saturday evening, I pulled together a little party,
knowing Dan's birthday might be put on the back burner.

As Sunday progressed,
I was beginning to worry a little.

At 2pm that afternoon,
Dan and I stopped and had a little sit-down-talk about laboring.
He was extremely helpful in keeping my focus and doing the right things that day.
It only took 2 hours more and I felt ready to go.
Still, it was another hour before we were actually loaded and driving away from the house.
We made a few stops and arrived at the hospital about 6:30 pm.

Upon entering the waiting room,
there were 3 other women in labor.
The registrar took inventory. (She called out loud for a status from each of us....)
2 were having contractions 5 minutes apart.
Another was at 3 minutes.
I was at 2 minutes with a very serious look that could not be faked.

I got to go first.
It was kind of like winning an auction.

I was admitted at 5 cm dilated and 2 minute contractions.

There was a conversation with the nurse prior to calling the doctor that went something like this.

Nurse: "What requests would you like me to convey to your doctor for orders on pain management?"

Me: "No IV, No epidural, but if I get to the point where I want something, then just a shot of medication for pain."

Nurse: "We don't do that here."

Me: "My doctor will let me. Just ask."

Nurse (with reservation): "Okay....I'll ask"

Me: "Oh and by the way, please tell him that we can all go to bed early tonight if he comes down and breaks my water soon."

Nurse (reluctant to believe), smiles and says, "Okay."

She came back in and relayed to us that the doctor said I could do what I wanted.

Dan and the nurse talked me into a hep lock which is some kind of contraption that puts medication directly in your veins.....but it's not an IV (or so they convinced me)

Dan had given me particular orders to be 'comprising at the hospital.'
I promised I would be good,
as long as he did most of the talking.

I even wore the hospital gown for the delivery (which I find irritating, and I would prefer something more comfortable).

The doctor showed up an hour after admittance and broke my water.

(It is traditionally the moment when the contractions go from manageable to amazingly and overwhelmingly painful.)

My last labor and delivery was so memorable,
it broke my will for pain.....forever.
It was long and severe and something I will never forget.

It is also the reason that I no longer feel pain on the same level as most people. I might not notice when I am bleeding or hurt. The kids often say, "Mom, you need a bandaid or something. Don't you feel that?"

It was also that memory of my last labor and delivery,
that created much anxiety for me the past few weeks.

I was in the temple on Thursday evening,
when I ran into a friend's mother-in-law.
It was kind of a random conversation that ended with her spontaneously telling me that on her 6th baby, she was experiencing painful back labor and finally asked for a shot of Demerol. This woman is a strong believer in natural childbirth and is also a Doula. She said there is no shame in pain relief if it shortens the process and makes the experience more enjoyable.

It was just what I needed to hear,
.....to know there are alternatives to epidurals, and have options
and the experience doesn't have to get progressively worse.

So I weighed my options with the doctor
and finally settled on some medication.

Once he broke my water,
the contractions kicked into high gear.
Some really cool pain medication was pushed through the hep lock,
and although I could still feel the pain,
it wasn't as severe.
I was thankful.

I expressed my concern that the baby's head was not correctly positioned.
The doctor wasn't worried (as usual)
and said that she would turn when the time came.

I only had about 6 contractions,
and some good concentration
and she was ready to be born.

At one point,
The doctor says to Dan,
"You have to take a picture of this."
Maryn was presenting 'face first.'
Apparently, it doesn't happen often.
I was extremely happy not to have felt the full effect of delivering a baby that way.

You must consider the size and shape of a baby's face as opposed to the natural way of a baby's skull crowning....
There is a tremendous difference in size and pain. It is something that no amount of medication will cover completely.
And I believe it was inspiration that lead me to find a way to manage the pain this time.

Our doctor was great,
and he did his thing to calmly deliver her.
once her head was out,
I reached down and pulled her out and up onto my tummy.

She looked like she had been in a fight,

tons of bruising and swelling.

She was born at 8:57 pm

and weighed 6 lbs 6 oz
and was 19 inches long.

She was breathing beautifully,
and had a good, healthy cry.
she cried most of night.
We didn't sleep much,
but that's really not all that different than usual.
I was just so happy to have her here safe.
After her delivery,
I figured she could cry as much as she wanted to.

The next day,

we were dressed and ready to go home at 9am...
except no one would let us go.

I agreed to stay,
as long as Dan stayed too.
(He was trying to leave and pick me up later :)

So we just hung around the room,
watching movies,
taking pictures of the baby
and Facebooking.....

It was a good day.

"Hi Mommy."

We left the hospital at precisely 8:57pm.
Our nurses were great.
The hospital stay was our best yet.
Only a few of the kids were up when we got home.
They were extremely excited to meet their sister.
A special thanks to my mom and Dan's parents who graciously stepped up to care for the kids.
It's a big job and we very much appreciate it.
And to Bishop Guttery,
who brought balloons to announce to the world,
that the Glenn's will be rocking the neighborhood,
with #8.
Everyone went to bed content that night,
ohhh, except Maryn.....and me.
Because she likes to stay up all night I think.
We finally got up this morning about 6am for business-as-usual.
But I insisted on the 'New' picture before everyone left.
The kids are so compliant with me about this.
I love the first picture with everyone all together.

And each child got their picture taken with the baby before heading out for the day.

Cade is pretty excited.

It's going to be quite an adventure.

And when the kids were off to school,
and Dan was off to fire training
it was peaceful for a minute.
Maryn was very happy to be alone in her bed
(for a moment, because she still kind of likes to be with mama).

So I finish this post,
with a soft little pink bundle on my lap,
and 2 little boys watching a movie on my bed.
I feel very blessed that the pregnancy and delivery went well.
#8 was better than 5, 6 and 7.
My body is stronger, no complications,
not even those that existed last time around.
And emotionally and spiritually,
I feel very blessed.
I never felt alone in this process.
Dan stayed very close to me,
and I felt a nearness to my Heavenly Father,
that reminds of the tremendous love a parent has for their child.
My prayers were heard and answered.
Priesthood blessings offered guidance and comfort.
My children each prayed with me and for me before I left them on Sunday.
I so much appreciate the prayers of my children.
I felt them strongly all that day and night.
I am happy to be home.


Jayme said...

She is beautiful Beth. I am so happy everything went so well. And I am happy you gave in and took some pain meds. You look great.

DeANNA said...




Sydney Glenn said...

Hi mom. Maryn looks great in those pictures. Can I hold her after school without letting anyone else touch her? :>D

Shanen said...

Beth, she is just beautiful. What a great day you had. You ARE amazing, and are such a great example. What a great comfort to you that everything went so smoothly. I knew instantly when I saw the balloons that Bishop had been to your house. I hope your week is smooth, or as smooth as it can be. Congratulations

Chris said...

Congratulations! I am so glad your labor went better than you expected. Right after a baby is born is so peaceful and spirtual because they just came from Heavenly Father. :) Can't wait to meet Maryn.

Dan Glenn said...

You were amazing as usual Elizabeth. Thanks for another healthy baby.

Kelli Brown said...

Congratulations, Beth! Both you and Maryn look beautiful. I am so glad that it all went so smoothly and that she is just perfect. I can't wait to meet her. Glad you managed the pain on this one too so that the experience could be so much better. Dr. L is a lifesaver! I love him.

Miriam said...

I was so emotional reading your tale of childbirth. So beautifully expressed and spiritual to me. The pictures of your 8 beautiful children brought tears to my eyes. I am # 7 of 8 children. I picture my mom being just like you as a young woman. Thanks for the beautiful post and congratulations!!! You and Dan are amazing!!