Friday, June 19, 2009

A little ghetto, but good.

Updates from the Hodge Podge Lodge

Here is my pre-emptive apology,
for not being all that sorry
about sounding a little ghetto.


This is our new pet.
Reagan bought it for $2 at Savers.

Our kids wear uniforms to school.
Other than the large array of navy or red collared shirts,
and various varieties of khakis,
We really don't have much in the line of play clothes.
Savers was a really great place to buy some long sleeves
for our beach trip.

And our girls needed jeans and cute skirts.
I wanted some camping cooking items.
It was a score.

Fridays Entry - started but never completed...

A very typical Friday morning here.
Yesterday was busy as usual.
This morning, I got to spend an hour with Dan
at my favorite place.

Every morning this week,I awoke without an alarm clock
at precisely 4:01 am,
Which made seeing the sun rise behind the temple,
that much easier.

Today we go to another place that I have come to really appreciate.
That place is called the laundry mat...
And I love it.
For one brief moment,
the laundry is completely finished....all at once.

At the laundry mat,
it's just me and the machines,
for 3 solid hours.

Did I mention it is all done, at the same time?
That is such a comforting feeling,
and something every mother deserves to feel.

Over the years, I have gotten past the fact
that having "it all done" is only a fleeting moment.

But still, it does happen on the rare occasion
when the stars come into perfect alignment.

So today is the day.
Sydney finally accepted that we were committed
to finishing the laundry that day.
Our beginning was not so great,
but she warmed up after a bit.
I was glad, because I ran out of energy quickly,
and together, we kept each other motivated.
It only cost me a pizza.

It took a little more coaxing to get all the children on board with finishing.

This is Corbin's position of choice,
when watching a movie at the laundrymat.
That day, we watched Toy Story...3 times.

Cade was not with us.
Colin opted to stay home and clean the house,
while Cade slepted.

Corbin did get lonely,
but the rolling carts are great fun.

And in the end, we did 42 loads, in 4.5 hours...that's longer than usual for me, and was completely exhausting.

I came home to a spotless house...because someone stole my 10-year-old son and replaced him with an angel.

Ahhh......Did I mention, it was all done at one time?

The children were wondering why we drove to the other side of town to shop and wash clothes. I honestly feel it makes for good experiences to understand people and culture. I never want my kids to feel they are 'above' anyone else in life.

We stopped at the Rancho Market to use the restroom because the one in Savers had been vandalized. The children stayed very close to me. People made us feel like we didn't belong. I waited a long time to get some one's attention for help finding something. It's a different feeling to be treated like the minority...and it leaves a lasting impression.

I love that Presley always comes home with a new friend from the laundry mat. The language barrier never hinders a young child's play. It would be nice if adults shared that same mentality.


DeANNA said...

Awesome. Which laundromat did you go to? I went to the one over off of .. mmm maybe Chandler and McQueen... I love the feeling of aaaaahhh all done too. But holy heck woman....42 loads of laundry? Can't imagine.... Can't fathom.... Can't even breathe that number next to loads of laundry!

Chris said...

I remember when I was a child going to the laundromat with my memories. We need a landromat in Gilbert. : )

Jessie Brown said...

I Love Savers too.

Mandy said...

How do you even transport and carry 42 loads of laundry? And how many quarters is that?!??!

On a separate note: you are a VERY good mommy.