Monday, June 8, 2009

Gravida 8 Para 7

I recently went to visit this guy.

He is one of my favorite people. Here are the reasons why:

When it came time for Colin to be born,
he was on call that day.
It was a Sunday.
After Sacrament meeting,
He came to the hospital in his suit and broke my water.
He was back just after church was over,

and delivered Colin.

When I asked him if he thought Dan and I were crazy
to have 4 kids in 4 years,
He said this,
"If you can have 3, you can have 10."
He is probably right,
(but we never really wanted to find out about the 10 thing.)

He made it to five of our 7 deliveries,
because he was not our doctor for the other 2.

He never worries, unless there are legitimate concerns.

He believes firmly in the Plan of Salvation,
and so do I.

He has a great solution to any ailment...
"Drink more water."

He always asks Dan to 'glove up',
just before the baby is born.
And for the last 3,
he let Dan bring our new little peeps into this world.

After the last 2 deliveries,
He explained what organs were visible outside my body
....but said,
"Don't worry, they will probably go back to where they are supposed to be."

When I saw him 2 months ago,
He and Dan talked for 40 minutes...
as if I didn't really need to be there.

He is the only guy who convinces me
to go to the hospital for a delivery now...
when I am being stubborn.
Because I really hate that place
more than anything.

Last time, he slept at the hospital
on a night he was not supposed to be there,
just to deliver Cade.
It was my longest night ever,
and I appreciated so much his consideration.

He doesn't put any restrictions on me.
He told me I can keep running until I am basically 'too big',
a term he uses vaguely.
And Working-Out is fine.
So Crossfit is still in,
at least on mornings when I don't feel puking.

And above all,
2 months ago, our favorite doctor
seemed genuinely excited to share our news.

So in November, I will hopefully be doing this again.

And Dan will do this.
And our little world will again
change for the good.

This is week 16 for us.
I like to get past the first hard part,
before we go public.

Last week, as Dan was looking at my profile he said,
"There is no way you will be able to keep that under wraps much longer."
Thanks, hon.
It was his nice way of telling me my tummy is pretty obvious.

Since I really don't have any more regular clothes that fit,
it's time to bust out the maternity wardrobe...
which I rescued from my closet last week.

Because most of the little pregnancy projects
that I cared to accomplish
have been checked off the list,
I guess it's time.

And to the Chandler fire guys,
this completes "Gravida 8 para 7".
You guys were right :)


WishTrish said...

I don't know... I think you could pretty much handle the whole ten thing! You two are awesome! Good job! Can't wait to meet the new Glenn!

Chris said...

Congratulations! I love love love Dr. L. He delievered 2 of my 5, both my boys. : )

Kristin said...

CONGRATS! I agree with Trish, if ever there was someone that could do 10 it would be you. That is awesome, I'm excited for you guys!

Ryan and Jayme said...

You are amazing Beth! Congrats you guys. You don't even look pregnant!

DeANNA said...

Wow, you are amazing woman. Simply amazing. I don't understand the Gravida 8 thing......

8 kids...... wow... so are you going for the 10? Hon.. you don't look pregnant at all! You look amazing!!!

Jessie Brown said...

Holy Cow!! Congrats. You know I was one of 8. 8 is great.

Nikki said...

WOW, I am speechless - that's so awesome. I marvel at how you do it! You are the best mom ever and Dan is the best dad. Congrats!

Kristina said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting!

Karyn said...

Congratulations! What a cute way to make the announcement.

Miriam said...

Best news ever:) You are a TRUE woman!

Selia said...

Congratulations!!! You truly are an amazing woman!

Natalie said...

Holy crap girl! I think that's awesome! I love big families. I love moms that have big families. I love the craziness....I guess I look at it like a challenge sometimes. "Can I REALLY organize this mayhem?"

For me, pregnancy is the hardest part. How are you feeling? Are you holding up okay? Thank goodness you have Dan! He seems like a natural at this dad thing!

Congrats and good luck!

Nancy Page said...

Hey. Congratulations! :)