Monday, February 16, 2009


There is one thing question that most people would ask about us?

"What's the fascination with Tom Petty?"

I am not sure, except,
That guy rocks.

Now, I don't love crowds,
and am not especially fond of loud music,
But the day Tom Petty came to town,
I found some good tickets on Craigslist,
And the two of us managed a little night away.

That night, I learned a few more things about my little son.

This was the stage from where we sat.

Rock Concerts were made for Caleb.
The music is loud.
Singing at the top of your lungs ..... is encouraged.
Everyone dances.

We were in Heaven.

I think Caleb was the only 8-year-old in the crowd.
And he knew all the words to, "I Won't Back Down."

And when the band played songs we did NOT know the words to,
We went for a walk.
Rode the escalator.
Hopped from square to square (without stepping on the cracks).
He held my hand,
and talked my ear off.

We left early,
because it was a school night.
And 8-year-olds have limited endurance for late night concerts.
My little son fell asleep on the way home
listening to his favorite band.

I will never forget my night
with the only other person in our family
who shares my respect for timeLESS Tom Petty.


Ryan and Jayme said...

I love Tom Petty too. That is awesome that you took Caleb there.

Nancy Page said...

Who's Tom Petty? :)