Saturday, February 14, 2009


Presley insisted we stop the car to take a picture of this cat.
It kind of reminded me of my favorite cat.
(I don't believe in favorites.)

That cat had a favorite blanket,
...and it was my favorite blanket.
So we shared it.

He used to watch racing and Polar Bear shows.
I also loved Polar Bear shows.
And every morning after breakfast,
He would lick the milk out of my cereal bowl.
(That's disgusting, but kids do a lot out of love.)

We took him to the park...and the beach.
I gave him baths, and blow-dried his fur. And styled it.

When he was little, I dressed him in doll clothes.

He never chased birds, only butterflies.
Dan did NOT love cats,
But he loved me,
So we drove the cat 12 hours to Utah to live with us.
He never complained that the cat's food cost more than our food.
He let the cat sleep on his feet.

Sadly, the cat got sick.
For weeks, I syringe-fed the cat liquid formula every 3 hours, an effort to nurse him back to health.
It wasn't to be.
The cat lost 7 lbs and dropped to a puny weight of 14 lbs.
I was heartbroken.
I called my mom who met me at the vet. We both called my dad and cried.
T-Bear was in a better place.
Dan assured me that in Cat Heaven,
there is a large grassy field filled with butterflies,
and loads of really expensive cat food.
(It only took me several months to accept it)

Thankfully, my sister had already given us another cat that she had found.
It had fallen off a roof when it was tiny.
That should have clued me in.
The cat lived under my bed
for 12 years.

But when it came time for the children to tell the class about their pet,
our kids could say they had one.
The just never really saw it,
Certainly never touched it, stroked it or held it.
In fact if the cat came out,
They all ran to hide.

But proudly they would tell about their pet;

"White Kitty."

And the teachers or others would look at Dan and I and wonder,
"What kind of person doesn't name their pet?"

This was the most beautiful cat we never saw.
She only came out when "Cat Loathers" were visiting.
She had to have a door open,
and my bedroom door remained open all night...for 12 years,
or she would freak out.

She also slept on Dan's feet.
And would yowl at him for hours on end
for no particular reason.

I thought that cat would live forever.

But it too got sick
and another trip was taken.
This time Dan drove me to the place.
This time, I picked up Colin from school.

(Kind of old-school mentality,

so he could face death like a man.)

He was 9

In reality...I really needed him with me that day.
I was fine for the drive over and even walking in.
I was fine until I had to say the words
that would end a 12 year relationship
with a member of our family.

My young son was brave and comforting for me,
and stronger than I believed possible.

He went with his dad and walked the kitty back
to the place it would not come home from.
He understood what he was doing.
I was very proud of him.

That day, Colin comforted me in the same way my dad used to.
And I feel very thankful to be the mother of my good sons.


WishTrish said...

I love that your cat story is actually a Colin story. Colin is such a great boy!

Nancy Page said...

Sure Beth, thanks for sharing how great you are with pets. :) expecially when I'm wanting one of mine to get sick and die on it's own so that I don't feel bad for putting it down or getting rid of it. Really I love my Chillee. She was my first baby and she got sooo much love and attention until we had kids. Chonee, not so much. I never really wanted her, but she's greg's hunting dog (whatever) so I am a big talker and we probrablly won't get rid of either one, but nice story Beth. :)

The Glenns said...

Nancy, I try to focus on the positive. So when I said, "I thought that cat would live forever", it wasn't because I wanted it to :) When the cat got senile and jumped into the baby's crib, and then kept piddling on the floor, I had to decide that 12 years was long enough for poor white kitty. The decision wasn't really a hard one for me. I can't have my children hurt or scarred and I can't have my house ruined. I wasn't even really that sad about the decision. We went to the animal control, because they do cheap euthanization. Still, you have to say, "I am surrendering my pet." Really hard words to say, even when you know it's the right thing to do. I was sick all day about it...huge migraine afterward. It was really a bummer, but it had to be done. That's our do and say the things no one else will. That's being the mommy. My story ended well because of Colin. Good luck with your decision.