Sunday, February 8, 2009


We were pulling weeds the other day.

Dan taught Presley what a weed looks like.
I grew up learning the importance of getting the whole root.

Presley pulled her first weed.
She says, "Wow, this weed is a carrot."
Without looking at her I said,
"No, that's what the root looks like."
Dan turns around and says,
"No, actually, she just pulled a carrot out of the flower garden."

It really isn't that surprising considering our gardening techniques.
Dan is precise about everything important in life.
Gardening is considered more Art to him.
Like food.
So he plants his garden like he butters his toast.
I butter exactly edge-to-edge.
He swipes across the middle.

So when we add Children to our planting technique,
Our gardening becomes a true expression of freedom.

I have come to accept it.
It has been a good lesson on patience.
And...Gardening adds an element of mystery to our lives.
People say, "Those plants are starting to look great. What did you plant?"
We say, "Not sure....only a few more weeks until we find out."

These rows ended up being brocolli and cauliflower,
with a few added bean plants...
And an out-of-season Squash....

With one stalk of Corn.

This is my favorite plant this year. A red cabbage.
We couldn't possibly eat something so beautiful.
(Plus we are not sure if it's edible).
Good thing it's planted in the flower garden.

This is what Cade does when we work in the garden.
It should make us nervous that he fills is cheeks with rocks.

And here is Presley.
The flowers were planted many, many months ago,
For a long time they just looked like weeds,
but they ended up looking great....
After we pulled all the grass out of the flower garden.
Dan's excuse, "It was windy the day I over-seeded the lawn."
He overseeds like he butters toast too....
A little here, a little there.
The HOA doesn't love us. They wanted to know our 'specific plant and flower types'.
They also don't love anything that resembles a weed.
My reply to the HOA wouldn't be accepted.
"The highest probability is that the flowers will be white, except where the red ones might have been planted. There will be some blue, and Caleb loved the yellow...they will pop up somewhere."

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