Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why the Name?

July 31st, 1994

Just for fun (and for lack of anything better to do),
I end up in east Mesa, AZ at a County Dance
for sINGLES (and desperates)

The place fills up as the dance is nearly over

Hanging out near the door is my cousin Ryan,
and his most recent interest, Angela ....... with her brother.

The brother:

recently shaved head,

(wouldn't be caught dead in wranglers),
bLACK steel-toed boots,
Band t-shirt,

Hours-old StitcheS above his eye,

(looking anything but 'country' )

We 2-Stepped in his grundge bOOTs
to a George Strait song.

He meets my friends.
That night, I was with family.


"This is my brother Russ and his brother Chris."
"Chris, meet my cousin Ryan, his roommate Dan, and his sister Angela."

In the end,

I marry my cousin's roommate,
who didn't marry my husband's sister.

none of our kids ended up with 3 eyes.

The name of the band on the t-shirt:

the High that night: meeting the guy who has yet to leave my mind
the Low that night: I couldn't quit thinking about him


Melissa said...

Love the blog! Maybe I will get back with it. I've just been lazy lately.

barryblog said...

Dan looks pretty funny with hair!! Greg looks funny in our old pictures because he had hair, too. Pretty Funny!!