Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why the Blog?

A Common remark, “wow, hOW do you do it?”

A common reply, “Oh, just like everyone else.”

Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration.
  • Most people don’t line up plates assembly-line style

to feed their children.

  • Most people haven’t had two kids in diapers….

f o r 10 y e a r s.

  • Most people don’t do 3-4 L O A D S of laundry

PER day.

  • Most people DON'T consider "dAtE Night"

an hour at the gym together at 5:00 A.M

For most, a trip to Costco with the kids does NOT warrant... a well-planned s t r a t e g y.

STANDING IN LINE at the grocery store,

someone A L W A Y S comments,

“Wow, you have your hands full.”

I think in my mind, “I ONLY have 3 with me. I am practically alone.”

There are frequent stares as people race to count heads,
....without looking obvious.

Yes, 7.

I take THE QUESTIONS 1 at a time:
(It’s more fun that way.)

I nEVER cut to the chase and say,
“All mine, ONE marriage, yes it's C R a Z y. nO,
I am not e x a c t l y sure hOW we will afford them",
(but we do.)
  • Grocery bill? Very high,
  • SleepLESS Nights? Every Night.
  • Vehicle of choice? BIG, rED, 12-passenger VAN.

My personal favorite...from a woman in a restaurant,

“wow, are half those kids yours?” I laughed and replied,
“yes….and the other half too.”
I thought she might choke on her brussel sprout.

When I strip away all the hARD parts of the day,
I remember how funny these kids are.

Our life...L A U G H A B L E.
Our good moments: mANY.

This blog is an attempt to remember, as often as possible,
how good life is with so many little friends.

And because my sweet husband won't read anything
that is too l o n g ,

I will try to be concise.

Here is a funny video of us one night when Dan was on shift. It satisfied any requests for an attempt at a REALITY t.v. show. I could never do that.

High Today: We made it to church and everyone was wearing shoes...Thanks Dan

Low Today: Didn't get the diaper on Cade in enough time to make a difference right before dinner. 3 kids hopped up on the table...just to be sure they were safe.



Mandy said...

You really put my griping into perspective! Keep blogging!

WishTrish said...

That video was AMAZING!! I love the new blog, and I'm glad you are here in the blogosphere now!