Tuesday, January 20, 2009

White-board Chores

"Every now and then,
even a blind squirrel finds a nut."
Quoted by Chief Germann

And it's what Dan says when one of us gets a good idea.

THE White-Board

This not-so-little board saves us much frustration...most days.

For some reason, if we speak the instructions,
everyone is suddenly hearing impaired.

But when the chores/goals get written on the board, it's as if the words are read from the Bible itself.

I accept the white-board.
We think the older children respect the white-board.
Presley loves c o l o r f u l white-board markers.
Cade eats white-board markers.
Corbin uses white-board markers to color the walls.
Dan invented our "white-board" world.

High Today: Sydney proved herselft once more in the Espanol Departmento. Nice work.
Low Today: Momma was down with another migraine.


Mandy said...

I would think the parents would need the white board just to keep track... What are my kids' names again?

Nikki said...

I love it! And it's not all boring stuff on there either... like Scouts and stuff. THat's just good parenting...staying ahead of the game. I might have to try this. I am always forgetting what's happening. Plus, I agree w/ the hearing impaired part. That's always B's excuse..I didn't hear you! It's a great idea. Now I am stealing it too!

Jessie Brown said...

Love your blog. Its good to see what the Glenn family is up to.